RICO: Ben Tennyson
Video treatment

I love the energy and speed of the rapping in this song, and the way it feels like Rico’s mouth is always moving. Rico’s head could be the star of the video, chomping up the world as he mouths the words to the song.

Here's just a quick super-ruff test of him mowing through a little parking lot. The actual animation in the video would have more detail to it, and his face would be more expressive, but I think the jenky 3D physics have a lot of comedy value. 

The structure of the video could have him start out with a body, at a house party with his friends or something, and he gets the idea to conquer the world. His head rolls off his body when the lyrics first come in, and he starts eating and travels through a ton of different scenes and getting bigger and bigger. 

First he eats all the food and little objects in the house, it cuts to him outside outside eating things on the street - fire hydrants, animals, cars...We can jam tons of details into these little scenes to keep things fresh as it moves along.
He goes to a strip club, a grocery store, a big outdoor concert venue where he gets on stage and raps for a couple bars before eating the crowd:

Eventually he’s gigantic, maybe he’s in Tokyo eating the cityscape like godzilla.
Video ends with him being so massive he eats the whole earth and he’s in space and he eats the universe.  Rico is big!!!